Doomsayer’s Digest

The Doomsayer’s Digest is the highly acclaimed occult journal out of Albuquerque New Mexico. This is the quarterly local body publication of the Subtlety or Force Encampment. Its mission is to continue the work of Aleister Crowely through academic analysis of occult topics including Magick, mysticism, hermeticism, yoga, Qabalah, and more. Leading figures in the OTO and other occult organizations have praised the Doomsayer’s Digest for introducing a combination of traditionalist analysis and empirical references to support academic arguments in such essays as The Phoenix(v1n1), A Man Among Men(v1n2), Modeling Mind Molding(v1n2), On Paleo-Thelema(v2n1), and Translating Liber Al(v2n1).

Past issues have also included reprintings of rare rituals and hard-to-find writings of Aleister Crowely. International as well as local contributors have helped to make Doomsayer’s Digest the up-and-coming new standard in occult studies. Doomsayer’s Digest has something of interest to everyone–especially the Magician and the Madman!

Doomsayer’s Digest is currently out of print. No new orders can be taken at this time. We thank all of our loyal readers and hope to be back in production soon.