Below are some commonly asked questions about Doomsayer’s Digest. If you do not see your question answered here or on our other pages, please feel free to email editor@sof-oto.org.

Q. How is Doomsayer’s Digest created?

A. Doomsayer’s Digest is professionally printed and lovingly hand-bound by members of Subtlety or Force Encampment. Contributions from Brothers and Sisters of the OTO from around the world are printed onto 25lb paper, and bound in a beautifully designed cover on 80lb paper.

Q. What is the Format of Doomsayer’s Digest

A. Each issue is approximately 40-60pages long. It is printed on 25lb 8.5″x11″ paper, Perfect bound in an 80lb cover. Doomsayer’s Digest is currently printed in black and white, fonts vary.

Q. Where does my money go?

A. In addition to continuing printing and publication costs for Doomsayer’s Digest all proceeds from the sale of the publication are used to sustain the activities of Subtlety or Force Encampment. Our Encampment of the OTO hosts public classes and events for the enrichment of the community of Albuquerque, NM. We also perform the Gnostic Mass of Aleister Crowley several times each month, and offer initiations into the introductory degrees of Mysteria Mystica Maxima. No individual member of Subtlety or Force Encampment nor any other organization profits directly from sales of Doomsayer’s Digest. If you are interested in the activities of Subtlety or Force, please see our home page.

Q. Why is shipping so expensive?

A.  Shipping prices to your area are the lowest possible. Depending on the weight of each issue, we often lose some profit on shipping. The cost of shipping has not stopped Doomsayer’s Digest from being enjoyed around the world. We have subscribers in the US, Canada, around the UK, in Russia, in Italy, Germany, and other parts of Europe. We hope that you will enjoy the Digest as well.