Volume 1, Issue 1


There are only a few limited edition copies of Vol.1, Issue 1 left! Collect this historical first issue before they are gone!


“Of Iron and Youth”, an ode to the Eisenjugend of the western front as a foreshadowing of conflict to come and the necessary resilience and discipline expected of anyone to survive the Kali Yuga.

“The Phoenix”, a brief (30pp) but comprehensive survey of this popular bird. Analysis attempts to build a subtle description by appeal to its culture and religious uses in Phoenecia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Germany in times of antiquity and modernity and in contexts of archaeology, ceremony, ritual, alchemy, and symbology: The only attempt to cover all topical areas concerning the subject-matter.

Also included:Qabalistic Filmography Of Peter O’Toole, Excerpts of Crowley Limericks, and much more!