Volume 1, Issue 2


Vol. 1, Iss. 2, Winter of 2008 (IVxvi)


“A Man Among Men”, an in-depth analysis of this invocation from Aleister Crowley’s “Gnostic Mass” in light of the myths of the Hidden Imam, the possession of Min by Amoun Ra, the coming of the Beast, the Judgment of Yama, and Rudyard Kipling’s, Jungle Book.

“Modeling Mind Molding”, A survey of current neuropsychological analyses of Yoga-related practices and their effects on brain, body, and mind. Analyzes holes in psychological literature and proposes analytical tactics for future researchers.

“Frederick of Hohenstaufen”, A bibliographical ode to King, Conquerer, Anti-Christ, and Holy Roman Emperor whose successful undertaking of the Sixth Crusade led to Jerusalem’s conquering by the Heathen Hordes!

Also included:
The Traditionalist and Traditionalism Trees of Life,
Khabs am Pekht by Aleister Crowley,
letters to the editor section with thorough responses,
and much more!