Volume 2, Issue 1


Vol. 2, Iss. 1, Spring of 2009 (IVxvi)



“Formula to Renounce Slave Religion”, T Polyphilus’ response to A.C’s suggestion to CS Jones that he develop a public and group rite to allow people “who want to have anything to do with us” to formally renounce all the ideas listed in Liber Al Ch 3 v 49-56.

“Paleo-Thelema”, T Polyphilus’ discussion of Crowley’s “antecedents of Thelema” and others who came before 666 and announced the prominence of Will and Love in the human condition.

“Translating Liber Al”, a discussion of the issue of translation as it relates to interpretation, difficulties of translating The Book of the Law, and testimonies from the Frater Superior’s Representatives of Italia (who recently translated the Italian version of The Book of the Law) and the Secretary of the International Headquarters of the OTO (who recently translated the German version of The Book of the Law).

Also included:
da Ol’ Skoo Rap Tree 4 Life! by David Braren,
A Blizzard in the Saharah by Aleister Crowley,
Antecedents of Thelema by Aleister Crowley, and
The Soul of the Desert by Aleister Crowley!