Volume 2, Issue 3


Vol. 2, Iss. 3, Fall of 2009 (IVxvi) 


Carbon is Carbon- an exegesis on Carbon’s role in simple physics, theoretical physics and Anthropic arguments, Crowley’s metaphysics, and the Thelemic understanding of life itself.

The Oath: Invocation of Dissonance- Elements of The Oath in relation to cognitive dissonance, the resolution of existential crises, and invocation of karmic dissonance within a given ontological state with an explanatory model to conclude. Useful for any initiate in exploring and resolving the ordeals of their degree.

Interview with Andres of Serial Killin Records on how magick and maltheism influence horrorcore and modern occult rap.

The Subtlety or Force Encampment’s Esoteric Reading List (extended) for beginners.

Crowley reprints of “The Hymn to Satan” and his pen and ink sketch of Satan. Also included is the original handwriting of the Hymn to Satan and numerous excerpts from Crowley’s writing where he openly talks about the Dark Lord.