Volume 2, Issue 4


Vol. 2, Iss. 4, Winter of 2009 (IVxvi)


The First Perfect and Universal Law: Bishop T Omphalos of Norway unfolds a unique social model which described the relationship of the Law of Thelema to both the individual and the State. The resultant views and policies will be controversial for those on diverse ends of modern political spectra as this application of the Law breathes new life into stale and ad hominem ethical debates.

Letters to the Editor on “Troglodytes vs. Initiates”– some exciting responses–and rebuttals–to this controversial article from Issue 2, vol. 2!

A Transvaluation of Liber OZ: A revolutionary new analysis of this popularly promulgated document. Does Liber OZ reveal specific and practical Magical instructions as opposed to the popularly supposed pseudo-political listing of “rights”?

Message of the Master Therion