Frater L.
Alombrados Encampment, New Orleans
I keep studying your awesome article on the Phoenix as it expounds on so many themes found in Scottish Rite work, particularly 30-32 Degrees. Your article’s depth blows AASR [Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite] out of the water. I trust you’ll let me know when it’s time to trenew my subscription to Doomsayer, wouldn’t wanna miss a beat! I hope all is well in NM and please keep up the great work!

Fr. Kikhos ba-Midhbar
Great news that yet another DD is coming out! I have found the first two issues highly illuminating, both for practical purposes and for further research. The scholarly apparatus, especially in regard to the Phoenix article, was extremely helpful in my own research into Liber 44.

Doug Blake
Current President of the Electoral College of the OTO (USA)
I especially enjoyed the thorough and in depth research put into your essay “The Phoenix.” The historical content is quite full and extremely interesting. The Alchemical section was a pleasant surprise and most illuminating.

Bishop T James
Former Secretary of the U.S. Grand Tribunal
This magazine will speed you along to knowledge and conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel! I read last months issue and immediately crossed the Abyss. The view from the City of the Pyramids is awesome! Thanks Doomsayer’s Digest!

Dathan Biberstein
Current Secretary of the U.S. Grand Tribunal
You’re getting people’s attention which is a good thing! Scholarship and limericks are a helluva combination.

Ian Rons
This is a good ‘un — recommended!

Bishop T Polyphilus
I’m happy to say that OTO periodicals have come a long way since I joined in the early 90’s, in terms of both form and content.