Doomsayer’s Digest is always accepting submissions from (exclusively) Initiates of the OTO. Our high sales rate and wide distribution guarantees an audience for your creative contribution.Doom is an excellent opportunity to disseminate information to the hermetic, academic, and Thelemic community.

Our local body publication specializes in its content. Our goal is to strengthen a genre of esoteric literature that takes discipline, promotion, and attention to achieve, particularly in Thelemic and Hermetic studies. Ours is an academic focus, an attempt to hone studies of esoteric subject matter by encouraging the following critical points for all submissions:

1. That all articles are written as an essay, particularly an argumentative essay, with a structure both logical and coherent focused on a concise explanation or argumentation on some relevant subject.
2. That all articles contain numerous citations from genres of literature appropriate to the topic. ALL articles should contain at least a bibliography but preferably a section listing all references used in the essay.
3. That all articles deal with some subject relevant to students of Thelema and/or Hermetica. This covers a wide range of subjects. As an example, an article discussing some aspect of chemistry already has a home in a scientific journal dedicated to the subject; however, I would gladly review an article discussing the antiquated history of chemistry, chemical metaphors used by Aleister Crowley, or some aspects of phenomenae in chemistry as they relate to our discipline.

Other local body publications print a wider array of literature such as fiction, ritual, opinions, poetry, etc. If your submission is better categorized as an artistic rather than academic piece, try submitting it to BehutetThe Wand, or another Local Body Publication.

All submissions remain the property of the submitter; however, in submitting the submitter gives the Subtlety or Force Encampment license to sell publications containing that submission without giving any payment to the submitter for sales.

All submissions are subject to editing for size, display, and content. The purpose of editing is to hone the article’s presentation by formatting it to a writing style and making it as legible and coherent as possible. Any changes made to the article will be shown to the original submitter before that article is published. No revised form of the article will be published without that submitter’s consent.

Please submit your articles with your full legal name, your local body, and your telephone number and email. Also, include what name, motto, or pen name under which you would like to be published along with any titles to be appended thereunto.

Thank you for your time and interest, my dear Brothers and Sisters, and I look forward to your submissions!